Frequently asked questions

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  • Is this a trusted trading service?

    Yes! Customer security and protection is one of the most important things to us! All your payments are being processed through private SSL and 256-bit encryption. Each of our customer is being given a lifetime warranty.

  • Can I choose my smurf account name?

    Unfortunately, the account name is already chosen as soon as the account gets created. You will receive your account information instantly after making a transaction. However, do not worry, because all the names of our accounts are chosen carefully to satisfy players expectations.

  • Is it safe for my main account to purchase smurf account?

    Absolutely. Every account is hand leveled by a professional player without using any software therefore there is no risk of being banned!

  • What currencies do you accept?

    We accept USD or EUR. Other currencies will be automatically converted based on the currency exchange rate during that day.

  • What guarantees do you offer?

    You will be given a life-time guarantee for every account!

  • What will the account have inside?

    Our accounts haven’t got specific fixed values in League of Legends. You can receive any amount of IP from 10 to 100000. However, our customer reviews confirm that we always seek for the maximum customer satisfaction!

  • What payment methods can I use?

    You can make a payment through Paypal or using Bitcoin wallet. Both of these methods are fully automated to provide fastest service!

  • Can I order more than one account?

    Yes! You can always order several accounts at the same time. If you prefer to do so – get in touch with us and we will offer the best solution for you!

  • How will I receive my account? (how quickly after purchase I will receive my account?)

    Your account information will be sent to your email instantly after the payment! It might take up to five minutes for the details to arrive.

  • What happens if my smurf gets banned?

    We never had this issue, however if your account would get banned before pre-purchasing it – we would change the account to a new one for absolutely free or we would issue a full refund to you.

  • Do you offer any giveaways?

    Yes! All our loyal customers are being offered various discounts and can participate in our giveaways! Most of the information is announced in our Facebook page. Make sure to check it!